Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by!

Here’s a little bit about me.  I started this blog because I love books and I wanted somewhere I could put my book reviews and a place to interact with other bibliophiles. It’s always been a dream and I have finally made it come true!  I may be one of hundreds, but it’s nice to have my own little corner on the interweb.

The majority of what I read are thrillers, mysteries and horror.  But I also enjoy some fiction, science fiction and fantasy.  I do not really like romance.  For fun, I am a 9-1-1 Police/Fire Dispatcher.  Well, okay maybe not for fun but it is my full time job.  As much as I would love to get paid to read books, I haven’t found that job.  Yet.  Reading gives me an outlet to get away from the seriousness of work and I find it relaxing.  And I LOVE BOOKS!!

I am also an amateur foodie, movie lover & martini enthusiast.  I LOVE trying new restaurants and in another life I think I would have enjoyed being a food critic. Along with my book reviews, you may find some food & drink related items, as well as miscellaneous musings.

I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to leave me a comment or two.  I hope you’ll follow me as I make my way through the never ending plethora of books that are available and all the books to come!

~ Sarah