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ASHES (Project Eden #4)

Ashes (Project Eden, #4)Ashes by Brett Battles

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ASHES is the fourth installment of the Project Eden series. I am one of many fans of Brett Battles. I purchased this as soon as it was released, although I have been remiss in getting around to reading it (sorry Brett. I owe you yet once again). This was a mistake since I ended up reading it in one night (and after being up for 24 hours already).

ASHES starts the aftermath of the release of the KV-27a virus by Project Eden. As with the other books in this series, I found this to be another fast paced, paged turner. I never seem to be able to read fast enough to find out what happens. There were a few more story lines within ASHES then previous books since these stories follow the paths of some of the survivors, as well as some who were not so lucky. I did appreciate the fact that Brett chose to put some of those stories in since it helps explains how the human race (or at least a portion of it) survives this deadly outbreak, that it is not limited to adults or children or a particular race. I didn’t feel that any of these story lines were incomplete (well, except we won’t know what happened until book five comes out) and they did have their place in the story. The one thing I was a little disappointed in was that the characters Sanjay & Kusum played a very small role this time. I only say this because they had, in my opinion, a larger role in PALE HORSE. I hope to hear more about them in the next installment.

I am definitely looking forward to book five.

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