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EerieEerie by Blake Crouch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was really thrilled to get this book. I am a huge Blake Crouch fan and I was looking forward to this first collaboration with his brother, Jordan Crouch. They certainly didn’t disappoint me. I started reading this book late one night and couldn’t put it down.

From the first chapter, I was captured by the story that started unfolding. At first, it seems like a conventional thriller. A car accident. A brother and sister left orphans. A promise to a sister from her brother to “always take care” of her. Jump to the present, 31 years after the accident. The brother, Grant, is now a detective with the local police department and locates his estranged sister, Paige, by happenstance through a police investigation lead he follows up on. Grant discovers she is now a high priced prostitute for wealthy business men. Grant arranges to meet her posing as a new client. Paige is taken completely by surprise as she opens her front door to find her brother standing on the threshold. She attempts to close the door and shut him out without success. And this is where the conventional part of this thriller ends, as Grant discovers there is something unnatural going on in Paige’s bedroom. Something is under her bed…

Do you remember the stories you heard as a child about the monster under your bed? Or the Boogeyman? Well, this story did an outstanding job in transporting me back to that childhood. I was truly unnerved and I admit maybe just a little bit afraid to look under my bed. The progression of this story drew me in page after page with anticipation. I couldn’t wait to reach the end to see what monster lay in wait under Paige’s bed.

I really did enjoy this book. A lot. Not a typical horror/thriller/gory type story. But I found it creepy and, well, eerie. That was until I got to the end. The end wasn’t bad. But it was definitely not what I was expecting and I was a tad bit disappointed. I won’t say anymore then that so I don’t spoil it for anyone.

Overall, I feel this book is definitely worth reading. The ending will appeal to some and for others, like me, it may not. If you haven’t read any of Blake Crouch’s books, you really should. He is a fabulous writer and story teller.

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