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THE DESTROYED (Jonathan Quinn #5)

The Destroyed (Jonathan Quinn, #5)The Destroyed by Brett Battles

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As an immense Brett Battles fan (and shameless advocate), I am always looking forward to Brett’s next book. Whether it’s the next Quinn installment or something new to try, I can always rely on a good read from Brett. The Destroyed is no different.

In the fifth installment, we find an entirely different Jonathan Quinn. Not the cleaner extraordinaire that we’re used to but a man who has taken a sabbatical from his job as a cleaner, attempting to re-discover himself in Thailand after his last job; after his mother & sister are put in danger. After he realizes that the steps he took to protect his family and keep his true profession a secret were not enough. At the same time, we discover that Nate is no longer an apprentice, but a full-fledged cleaner, having taken over for Quinn while he is in Thailand. But that is not the crux of the story…

In the opening chapter, it’s discovered that someone who Quinn “cleaned” has somehow come back to life, raising several questions about a job that was supposed to have been ordinary. Quinn is forced from the peaceful routine he has found back into his profession. With aid from Nate, Orlando, and a new character (who I really love), Quinn is forced to rectify a problem that should not have resurfaced.

I enjoyed this book immensely and the plot was easy to follow, even though it switches back and forth between the present and the past. Sometimes that transition throughout a book can be confusing. It was also pleasant to see Nate’s character go from apprentice to cleaner.

If you have read the previous Quinn books, this one will not disappoint you. It’s filled with the same action & drama as the other Quinn books, but I think Brett’s writing has matured and you can see that in this story. If you haven’t read any of the previous Quinn books, well, you should, even if you read them after this one.

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