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EXIT 9 (Project Eden #2)

Exit 9 (Project Eden, #2)Exit 9 by Brett Battles

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Daniel Ash returns in EXIT 9, the sequel to SICK. As many have previously said, you don’t really need to read SICK, but you should not only because it’s a great book, but it gives you some background information about Ash & Project Eden. But I digress…

Will the end of mankind, with the exception of a few who believe they are the elite, become reality in EXIT 9? Will Daniel Ash & his team be able to stop Project Eden from releasing the Sage Flu before ID, Implementation Day? These questions and more will be answered in EXIT 9.

I have been waiting for EXIT 9 to come out since I finished SICK (which I read in a day). EXIT 9 is no different. I read it in a day as well. This series is about a group of elite few who run what is called Project Eden. Their goal is to wipe out all of humanity (with the exception of their group) with a virus they developed called the Sage Flu. They are not fanatics or zealots by any means, but well organized, rational people. This conspiracy is intriguing and credible. Fighting against Project Eden is a group calling themselves the resistance, which includes Daniel Ash who first appears in SICK. In the beginning of EXIT 9, Ash is living in the suburbs with his children under a new identity, hoping the resistance doesn’t call upon him to help. Which would mean only one thing – Project Eden is ready to release the Sage flu worldwide. That hope ends one day when two men show up on Ash’s doorstep, sent by Matt Hamilton, head of the resistance. The entire book is a thrill ride, counting down to Implementation Day, ending in a VERY surprising climax.

EXIT 9 is definitely a page turner. Brett has developed his characters well and the progression of the story gains momentum with each chapter. I won’t lie about being an enormous fan of Brett’s, which makes me somewhat biased. But even with that bias, I loved EXIT 9! I have yet to be disappointed by any of his books! And you won’t be disappointed either!

I cannot wait for #3 in this series! I’m dying to find out what happens!!

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