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The Pull of GravityThe Pull of Gravity by Brett Battles

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Brett asked me to read this & then write a review, he warned, not just me but others as well, that this book was different from his other books. Not a thriller. He was right. This was entirely different then his Quinn series (which I love), Little Girl Gone, & Here Comes Mr. Trouble. Different, but in a good way.

The story starts off with an introduction to Jay, who has returned to the Philippines & a part of his past that still haunts him. With a new life waiting for him, Jay has come back to sell his part in a bar where he worked as a papasan & where he hopes to find answers to the past. A past where he met a bargirl named Isabel who he forms a special bond with. More than with his other bargirls. Where Jay meets & befriends Larry, a customer who’s new to the Philippines bar scene; where the three form a friendship that will end in tragedy. Although these three people are not the only ones involved in this story, they are the main players in this tale of love, friendship, jealousy, betrayal.

Brett does such a wonderful job in describing the location & scenery where this takes place; I was immediately transported to it. I could imagine myself being there in the middle of Angeles City. Sitting in the bar he ran as a papasan. Watching the customers mingle with the bargirls & feeling like I was a part of the story. And then there are characters. The people that make this location & the scenery come to life.

I found these characters opulently written; full of color & life. I related to these people as if they were friends I knew. I was moved by their emotions, touched by their hardships, saddened by their loss.

This is a superb example of Brett’s adaptability as a writer. I love this new novel & though it is not fast paced & action packed like The Cleaner, it moved me. It will move you.

Thank you, Brett. I hope I get to read a few more like The Pull of Gravity.

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