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BECOMING QUINN (Jonathan Quinn #1)

Becoming Quinn (Jonathan Quinn, #0.1)Becoming Quinn by Brett Battles

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jonathan Quinn, cleaner. Extremely good at his job in body removal & leaving no trace. I’ve loved Brett Battles’s Quinn series since The Cleaner was first published. I was hooked because I’d never read a book with this type of character or story line. Through each book in the series, you learn more about what Quinn’s job entails & the types of people that hire him. But I had never really given thought to how Quinn got to where he was. Until now.

Becoming Quinn, although it’s only a novella, is probably my most favorite of the Quinn books. I say this with some reservation since I really do love all of Brett’s books, but in Becoming Quinn we see a side of Quinn we usually wouldn’t see. We find a young man struggling to become a good cop. A cop torn between doing what duty tells him to do, or following his instincts when he knows his “gut feeling” won’t be believed by his superiors without solid proof. As we follow Quinn on his quest to find the truth, we find a believable character. One that we can sympathize with and relate to. It’s a wonderful story & gives the reader insight on how Quinn, well, became Quinn. I really felt for this character and the choices he has to make. And the ending, well, I can only say that I didn’t expect to have the reaction that I did. 🙂

If you haven’t read Becoming Quinn, you should. It’s a marvelous novella!

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